One of our strengths: nailing down PR strategies

/ PR and content strategies are in zeron's DNA

Starting from ‘zero on’ is what we based our name on because that's how we work as a PR and content agency. Every project starts from zero with detailed research, analysis and interpretation. Then we go over a lot of figures and studies before we get down to the actual job – and get creative if necessary. PR and content strategy development are in zeron's DNA because these are skills that our agency director Vivian Stürmann acquired and honed at a firm of management consultants. zeron continues to profit from that experience and know-how today.

/ Strategy development à la zeron: research plus analysis

There is no standard recipe for strategy development! A good strategy is the product of an effective brief, sharp analysis and sometimes a creative process, depending on the brief. But zeron doesn't focus exclusively on the brief. We also conduct in-depth research into relevant studies, check out important facts and figures, and gain insights from Facebook posts, newsletter views and web statistics. What are consumers or the press enquiring about? What keywords or hashtags are relevant? All these things are valuable sources of information for the PR or content strategy.

/ The difference between brand and crisis strategies

No two strategies are the same. Obviously, there's a difference between a strategy for a crisis situation, such as a change management process, a product recall campaign or a flame war on Facebook, and a strategy for a client that simply wants us to build a media presence for it or launch a product – in the B2C or B2B market. Then there are PR and content strategies for brands that achieve differentiation through positioning. They're a different thing altogether. They generally (but not always!) need creative strategies. In this respect zeron profits from having started out as part of a major, well-known advertising agency. We collaborated with that agency as the PR and content unit, working with many other creative individuals – and we learned a lot about brand management there.

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