Clever einkaufen und essen: corporate social responsibility

/ Promoting smart use instead of waste.

The situation / 

Germans throw away around 11 million tons of food every year. That’s around 82 kg per person with an estimated value of EUR 235. Food waste is a big issue.

The brief / 

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung wanted to launch an initiative that demonstrated its social responsibility. Its objective was to sensitise the public about the issue of food waste and reduce the quantity of food being wasted, among other things.

zeron’s idea / 

We found a number of partners who were also committed to the cause, brought them together and initiated the "Clever einkaufen und essen" initiative to prevent food waste. Facebook and press relations activities were instrumental to the Germany-wide campaign because they enabled zeron to provide the fan community with interesting and entertaining posts, recipe suggestions for left-overs, activities and information several times a week. We also placed articles in the consumer press.

The result / 

The concept and strategy were a big success. By now 29,500 fans have liked the Facebook page of Clever einkaufen und essen and joined in the debate about food waste. The initiative and its initiators were widely featured in blogs and the press.