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/ Brand and product PR: zeron’s favourite discipline

The zeron team loves developing and implementing B2C and B2B PR campaigns and activities for brands and products. For the majority of our clients we perform an external press office function, managing all aspects of their public and press relations across all channels. We develop the PR strategy and schedule topics, edit news releases and implement a range of PR activities. We also give free rein to our creative inclinations in the development of PR campaigns. But – reflecting our name and the principle of starting from 'zero on' – before we get creative, we think strategy.

/ zeron's PR toolbox: an effective mix of measures

There are all kinds of other PR tools besides the traditional news release. We always select the right ones for each PR strategy from a range that includes sampling events, journalist trips, interviews and specialist article placements, case studies, media cooperations, PR events and PR surveys, to mention just a few. News releases alone are often not enough to distribute messages and generate clippings and reach. Media contacts are the foundations of brand and product PR. We already have a vast media contact base in women's, food and lifestyle media, as well as the business and trade press and many other media, and we are continuously expanding it.

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