Influencer relations & social media: zeron's second home

/ Influencer relations & social media: zeron's second home

Our roots may be in public relations, but we're just as adept in the influencer and social media worlds. In fact, zeron handles all three – PR, influencer relations and social media content for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – for quite a number of clients. Why? Because it's convenient for the client and makes content more consistent. The client provides one single brief and we develop coordinated content for all channels. But we're also happy to handle just one of those channels – we're flexible ;-)

/ zeron: well-connected in the influencer world

If you want to communicate effectively with a target audience of young, digitally native media users, you can't afford to ignore influencers. In the food, lifestyle and beauty segments bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers are increasingly influencing consumer decisions on whether to buy a product or not. zeron has built up a database of several hundred influencers. When we select them, we don't just focus on reach. We believe that brand fit is a far more important criterion. The influencer's imagery, tonality and topics all have to be congruent with the brand they are endorsing. It is also essential to give the influencer a detailed brief so we are sure that we'll get the ideal result. Endorsements that are perceived as inauthentic can be very embarrassing and cause more harm than good …

/ zeron's loft studio is also the place where we develop and edit content

We don't just have meetings, manage our mail and talk on the phone in our 300 m2 loft studio, we also product content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: from posts to photos, GIF files to videos and opinion polls to stories. Other tasks we perform there are community management and ad campaign planning and management. We always aim to meet the KPIs that we define with the client in advance of the project and, when the social media activities have begun, the content is posted and the ad campaigns are launched, we track performance regularly to keep on optimising them.

We can introduce you to the influencer and social media worlds. Call us or send a mail to! It would be great to hear from you.

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