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Corporate PR is often underestimated, despite the fact that it offers genuine opportunities to achieve great results – and that's why it's one of our favourite disciplines. Most of the time it's also highly relevant! Commitment to social issues, climate projects, seven-figure investments or an unusual history – there’s often a wonderfully diverse range of corporate PR topics to choose from. Studies have also shown that both the public and the media reward honesty and transparency. We enjoy doing the research because it always reveals a treasure trove of stories. And our main objective when it comes to corporate PR is to make sure we are the driving seat at all times!

/ zeron's experience: from charity to change

Sometimes corporate PR serves the purpose of raising awareness – for example, to improve a company's position in a competitive market. At other times it highlights the company's involvement in charity, CSR or sustainability projects and activities because providing proof of social responsibility is the ideal way to inspire trust and build a positive image. Corporate PR can also focus on major change processes, such as a plant closure or a merger, a joint venture or a reorganisation project. Addressing special issues and processes via corporate PR and professional corporate communications is one of zeron's areas of expertise – and we have a wealth of experience to offer in this discipline!

We can help to make your company a talking point or advise you in change processes. Call us or send a mail to! It would be great to hear from you. 

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