/ Vivian Stürmann

Graduated communication scientist who completed many internships during her studies, spent a year in Edinburgh / Scotland in order to accept her first job in a corporate consultancy office after the successful completion of her studies, only to terminate this position again after one year to commence her promotion; however, due to a window of opportunity she decided to rather establish a PR agency, had two children after a few years and thus changed her job in order to finally realise her dream to ... establish the PR agency zeron. And otherwise? A woman of deeds with many years of PR experience who likes to get involved in the daily business, actually knows about every customer and every project and does not only turn up for pitching or presentations.

/ Complete resume

/ 1989 - 1996: Study of communication sciences, German philology and marketing

/ 1997/98: Project manager in corporate consultancy

/ 1998: Start of promotion

/ 1998: Co-founder of a PR agency

/ 1998 - 2004: Managing Director / co-shareholder of a PR agency

/ 2004 - 2011: Deputy Managing Director and Head of PR unit cayenne advertising agency (later Dentsu Düsseldorf) 

/ 2011: Establishment of PR agency zeron

/ Since 2011: Managing Director / shareholder zeron

/ Contact


fon + 49 211 8 89 21 50-0