Glass recyclers' initiative: glass recycling day

/ 1, 2, 3. Bottle bank selfie!

The situation / 

If they recycle glass properly, consumers can make a big contribution to protecting the environment. Putting used glass in the right container saves energy and reduces COemissions.

The brief / 

To create a campaign to educate consumers on what glass to put in which container, and inform them about the importance of recycling for the environment. 

zeron’s idea / 

We initiated a German-wide action day called “Glass Recycling Day“. Dr Barbara Hendricks, the German Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Energy, agreed to be its patron. News releases, a radio topic service, a press & media service and media cooperations were used to publicise the action day and encourage German consumers to dispose of their used glass (properly), as well as to explain the benefits of glass recycling for people and the environment. 14 recycling plants throughout Germany opened their doors on Glass Recycling Day to show visitors how glass is recycled. And our selfie competition gave talented bottle bank users the chance to demonstrate their creativity and win a trip to London.

The result / 

More than 270 clippings with a total circulation of 113 million, around 230 selfie competition entries and lots of recycled glass!