We manage crisis PR with a lot of routine

/ At zeron the boss handles crisis PR!

A crisis is the last thing a company wants, but it can hit at any time – in the form of a product recall campaign, a poor test rating, a factory accident, negative media coverage or a deluge of negative comments on Facebook. When that happens, you have to act fast to develop a crisis strategy and craft a statement, news releases and Q&As – usually at very short notice. We always take a 'can do' approach to crisis PR because we know exactly what we're doing, so we simply switch up a gear. We get to work managing the media contacts straight away, always liaising closely with the client. And our managing director is always the team leader in any crisis PR project!

/ zeron's motto is 'be prepared'!

Ideally every company should have a crisis manual providing clear instructions and guidelines on crisis management. zeron can develop crisis manuals for any foreseeable crisis. Not as a document gathering dust on a shelf that nobody can find and not as a glossy publication – because looks aren't what count in a crisis. A crisis manual should provide practical guidance without wasting words so that everyone who reads it knows exactly what to do. It should include checklists, instructions and procedures, roles and responsibilities – plus a few templates for statements and news releases. Other approaches simply don't work in practice.

/ zeron's crisis competence: from strategy to statement coaching

zeron doesn't just have a wealth of experience in developing crisis manuals and handling crises, our crisis PR portfolio also includes the development of crisis strategies and crisis coaching for personnel who may one day come into contact with a crisis or be part of the crisis team. zeron provides training in the development of 20-second statements, on-camera statements and provocation/response. While we hope for the best for our clients, we make sure that they are also prepared for the worst…

We wouldn't wish a crisis upon anyone – but if you do experience one or would like us to help you be prepared, we'll be happy to support you. Call us or send a mail to! It would be great to hear from you.

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