Albert Heijn to go: corporate PR

/ High-profile shop openings.

The situation / 

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. It opened its first Albert Heijn to go convenience stores in Germany in 2012.

The brief / 

To prepare the Albert Heijn to go market launch in Germany and to publicise and popularise this new convenience store concept. In the second step, we made sure that each of the store openings was covered and celebrated in both the trade and consumer media.

zeron’s role / 

We developed a clever PR strategy for market entry and managed the launch, which included a major press conference to kick-off the campaign, interview placements and background talks. Parallel to that, we built awareness for the Albert Heijn to go brand in a step-by-step process. And we developed PR activities to flank the store opening events.

The result / 

An impressive number of people attended the market entry press conference and the first store opening event, with more than 330 TV, print and online media reports.