Krombacher: PR tool survey

Talking Krombacher and barbecue culture: a science in its own right!

The situation / 

For many years Krombacher had positioned itself as a must-have refreshment at barbecues, offering a wide range of different beers for different tastes. The company wanted its media and social media content to highlight this aspect.

The brief / 

To come up with refreshing content that would let Krombacher position itself clearly as the must-have beer for barbecues. It had to be content that would stand out from the crowd too, since so much had already been written on the topic of barbecues…

zeron's idea / 

We designed a survey to find out about Germany's different 'barbecue personalities'. What differentiates them? What do they like to eat? What kind of equipment and utensils do they use? And what's their general approach to organising a barbecue? We used the survey results to develop tongue-in-cheek 'barbecue personality profiles', based on typical stereotypes and employing exaggeration as a means of illustration ;-). Krombacher used the results in a press release and created illustrations for the different barbecue personalities, based on our profiles. Naturally, the beer company also elaborated on the personality profiles via its own social media and other digital channels.

The result / 

Barbecue-related content with a difference. By developing the barbecue personality test, we helped Krombacher take a new approach – and created fresh and original content. If you're now wondering what your barbecue personality is, take the test at!