Kikkoman: factory tour

/ A live production experience: from soy bean to soy sauce

The situation / 

Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is made of just four pure ingredients: water, soy beans, wheat and salt. It’s the perfect all-purpose seasoning for all kinds of foods and it’s produced according to a traditional, centuries-old recipe.

The brief / 

To give multipliers a live experience of Kikkoman quality and purity.

zeron’s idea / 

We organised guided tours of the Dutch production facility in Sappemeer for associations and bloggers. The package included travel to and from Sappemeer, a real Kikimi ceremony (soy sauce tasting) and a cooking event to convince participants of Kikkoman soy sauce’s advantages in a culinary environment.

The result / 

There was a lot of interest in the guided tours and a total of around 35 multipliers took part. Another bonus was the positive content it generated in association media and blogs.