Krombacher: media collaborations

/ On a scale that pays off.

The situation / 

Krombacher has a large product portfolio. Yet even a company with the best products in the market still has to supplement its regular PR with other activities to stay in the media spotlight.

The brief / 

To ensure a regular media presence by arranging collaborative projects with Krombacher consumers’ touchpoint media.

zeron’s role / 

We organise and implement collaborative projects involving Krombacher products such as ‘Krombacher Radler’, ‘Fassbrause’, ‘Krombacher Alkoholfrei’ (alcohol-free beer) and the new ‘Krombacher Hell’ pale ale that the media are happy to get involved in. We deliver the entire package: we develop the idea for the incentive, organise the photo shoot to create the perfect image and handle the management of competition winners. In these kind of media partnerships, it’s important to choose the right medium and a concept that reflects the brand or product philosophy.

The result / 

Our Krombacher media partnerships reach hundreds of millions of consumers every year.