Kuemmerling: brand-PR

/ Herbs with attitude for a BBQ with attitude!

The situation / 

Kuemmerling is normally associated with an evening at the pub, or a group of men playing cards together. But that's not all the herb liqueur ‘with attitude’ can do. We demonstrated what it’s capable of.

The brief / 

To develop a brand PR campaign that could be extended via the social media, raise awareness among herb fans and demonstrate how to ‘Do your thing!’ with herbs.

zeron’s idea / 

Kuemmerling extended its existing cooperations with WG-Held and the popular barbecue influencers SizzleBrothers. The topic: winter barbecues with Kuemmerling. The unusual target audience: flat sharers who want a ‘Do your thing!’ barbecue.

The implementation / 

Herb fans had the chance to enter a contest with a flat share party as prize. Obviously Kuemmerling and the SizzleBrothers were on hand to provide food and refreshments. The SizzleBrothers developed some delicious Kuemmerling barbecue recipes especially for the party: from spare ribs with a Kuemmerling glaze to Kuemmerling barbecue sauce and a Kuemmerling salad – demonstrating the astounding versatility of the cult semi-bitter herb liqueur. We spread the word about the winter barbecue via the social media and recipe videos on YouTube. The SizzleBrothers live-streamed the event on Instagram and there was an after movie on YouTube. Kuemmerling posted the same content on its own social media channels. And the recipes we welcomed in the media world.

The result / 

Three genuine barbecue treats ‘with attitude’, impressive social media reach, branding, an obvious enlargement of the Kuemmerling target audience, content for Kuemmerling’s own channels and extended coverage in the media world.