Aktionsforum Glasverpackung: digital glass cases

/ digital staging of trendy glass products

The situation / 

Sector-specific business cases are very popular at the now legendary Trendtag Glas event and as features in specialist magazines. That's because they provide interesting glimpses behind the scenes at various companies and, in some cases, rivals in the market.

zeron's idea / 

We decided to take advantage of the curiosity and create the new format of digital cases for Aktionsforum Glasverpackung.

zeron's work / 

Concept development, storyboard and filming of four digital cases – including the acquisition of brands that use glass to package their products out of conviction – and, of course, PR, online and social media promotion.

The implementation / 

We hired a film crew and took it on tour with us to Haus Rabenhorst, fritz kola, Kolonne Null and the startup mehrwelt. At each station of the tour we produced a 5 to 7-minute video providing insights into marketing or sustainability strategies, packaging philosophy or product development.

The result / 

Inspiring digital cases that generated more than 100,000 views and lots of positive feedback from the industry for their professionalism and value contribution!