Loose: influencer campaign

/ Recipe development with influencer and Kitchen Stories

The situation / 

Cheese dairy Loose is the sour milk cheese market leader. Its flagship brand Quäse is particularly popular with young, fitness-oriented people. That's because sour milk cheese has an impressive 30 percent protein content and just 0.5 percent fat.

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The task / 

To raise awareness for Quäse and demonstrate the product’s versatility.

zeron's idea / 

A high-reach content campaign and a cooperation with Kitchen Stories, a video-based, cross-media cooking platform.

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The Implementation / 

We teamed up with Kitchen Stories and Loose to develop a creative concept with three exciting Quäse recipes. The highlight at the heart of the campaign was a hosted video with influencers, Quäse ambassador @bigmamasjourney and Kitchen Stories that generated lots of views on YouTube. We did video shoots for two more recipes and published them together with an informative article on the subject of protein across all channels, from the social media and website to the app.

The result / 

Impressive reach and an above-average engagement rate in all channels, plus higher visibility for the Quäse brand.  

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