February 2024 / zeron supports corporate PR of Wuppertaler Stadtwerke

Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (WSW) is one of the largest local utilities in Germany. The challenges municipal utilities have been facing in recent months are immense: energy crisis, security of supply, unprecedented volatility in energy prices, to name just a few. And as if on the side, WSW also has to manage decarbonisation, drive forward the mobility transition and expand digitalisation.

These are challenges that not only keep the specialist departments busy, but also corporate communications. zeron was already able to support corporate PR in ongoing PR issues in 2023 - with strategic advice, various PR concepts and individual projects ranging from press statements on acute enquiries to crisis PR. The Düsseldorf PR agency was also involved in the communication of the major brand relaunch, which coincided with the 75th anniversary celebrated by Wuppertaler Stadtwerke in 2023.

The work continues in 2024. A very exciting client with an exciting agenda.