Aktionsforum Glasverpackung: image campaign
/ Stripped back glass packaging and tongue-in-cheek slogans!

The situation / 

As a packaging material, glass offers many advantages. It is inert, recyclable, reusable and made from natural raw materials, reflecting the preferences of many consumers.  But hardly anyone was putting the message across properly.

The brief / 

To create an image campaign for glass packaging that communicated the following messages with humour to packaging decision makers and consumers: glass is modern, contemporary and makes an important contribution to protecting the environment.  

zeron’s idea / 

6 campaign motifs that are just as pure and clean as glass, with tongue-in-cheek, informative headlines about the material’s positive properties. The campaign focused on stripped back glass packaging in the typical colours of transparent, green and brown. And the headlines? They make cheeky reference to topical issues. The images were used for ads, newsletters, websites and the social media, among other things.

The result / 

6 fresh and cheeky motifs communicating the positive attributes of glass.