December 2018 / zeron spices up the Advent season

No, it isn’t a traditional Advent calendar with 24 doors, it’s an Advent calendar with beautiful jars created by DIY blog Boho+Nordic for Friends of Glass at zeron’s request.

The Christmas promotion focuses on the upcycling trend and is part of a social media campaign run by Friends of Glass – a community and campaign initiated by the European Container Glass Federation that is run by Aktionsforum Glasverpackung in Germany. Zeron handles the concept development and organisation side of things.

The Advent calendar is a great way to communicate how glass is the perfect material for recycling or upcyling. And, just in time for the start of Advent, there’s a prize for the Facebook community in every jar. The fans love this DIY-inspired Advent calendar with prizes and they’ve honoured it with lots of likes and comments.