June 2023 / zeron provides media training at Ardagh Glass

Making a statement on camera? Not as easy as it sounds. A statement on a critical issue? A real challenge!

Companies in some sectors regularly have to make statements in front of a camera crew, and we provide those clients with media training. We equip them with the skills and competences they need in case of emergency, from writing a TV statement to appearing on camera, including on-camera coaching, of course.

At the end of June we provided media training to our client Ardagh Glass. The participants were the plant manager and the technical service manager, who received certificates from Vivian and Julia after completing their training.

Ardagh Group is one of the leading glass producers in Germany with more than 2,000 employees and a daily production output of many millions of container glass products. Further down the line those products contain gherkins, baby food, sparkling wine and even nasal spray because multiple sectors use the environmentally friendly Ardagh Glass packaging products.