DüBS: cornerstone ceremony

/ Sunflower-themed cornerstone ceremony

The situation / 

Düsseldorfer Bau- und Spargenossenschaft eG (DüBS) owns around 1,700 residential units in Düsseldorf. It began refurbishing and modernising one of its largest properties in Lichtenbroich in 2015. It was time to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone for 96 new, modern and accessible apartments on a plot of land with the beautiful name: “Sunflower Field”.

The task / 

To plan, organise and coordinate every aspect of the cornerstone ceremony. And to generate maximum coverage in the local press.

The implementation / 

DüBS managing director Niels Klein, Düsseldorf’s mayor Dr Stephan Keller and the VdW Association’s director gave speeches to numerous invited guests and the press at the ceremony before placing a time capsule in the cornerstone – containing the last DüBS annual report, a project brochure and a daily newspaper. Everyone had fun toasting the future success of the development project afterwards at a get-together with finger food and refreshments. As a memento of the event all the guests took a sunflower home with them to plant ;-).

The result / 

The event at Sunflower Field on a beautiful summer day was an all-round success. Mayor Keller and association director Alexander Rychter were both full of praise, and there were some very positive articles in the local press.