KRÜGER FAMILY: blogger campaign

/ zeron bakes with the KRÜGER FAMILY – and influencers.

The situation / 

KRÜGER FAMILY products are all about fast, simple and irresistible taste sensations! The hot beverages and cold classics from KRÜGER taste delicious in both cups and glasses. But many people aren’t aware that they’re also ideal as baking ingredients in yummy recipes. The “Baking with KRÜGER” campaign featuring a famous TV personality was already in the pipeline. Until then ...

The brief / 

To encourage people to bake with KRÜGER FAMILY products. With an attractive POS campaign, recipe contest and celebrity testimonials. zeron’s job was to handle blogger outreach and generate high-impact posts.

zeron’s idea / 

To extend a national recipe contest into the social media world with five influential baking bloggers motivating people to take part in the contest via their channels. The influencers also developed their own KRÜGER baking recipes and shared them with followers. The icing on the cake? In early December 2017 the recipe contest winners were invited to an exclusive KRÜGER FAMILY baking event in Berlin, where they met a familiar face from TV and the influencers! The perfect ingredients for a delicious outcome …

The result / 

Innovative recipes, attractive image material, high-impact announcement posts, impressive follow-up posts and a fabulous get-together in Berlin!