KRÜGER YOU: blogger relations

/ zeron serves Matcha Latte to lifestyle and food bloggers

The situation / 

KRÜGER YOU is always good for a surprise – including pink unicorn promotion drinks and an individual take on Macha Latte in the flavours of Coconut and Classic! When zeron was asked to promote awareness for the two new KRÜGER YOU Matcha Latte products among a younger target audience it didn’t hesitate to get a host of trendy bloggers on board!

The brief / 

To promote awareness for the two new products among a younger target audience – via Facebook, Instagram and the other social media. 

zeron’s idea / 

Matcha Latte, the mild milk tea drink containing Japanese matcha green tea powder, has true trend potential! It’s also very versatile. This wonderfully creamy, bright green and aromatic latte is perfect for relaxing “me time” and great as an alternative beverage at coffee mornings - both in a glass and on the plate (motto: recipe creation!)

The result / 

15 wide-coverage blogger cooperations and attractive output in the social media, from classic Matcha Latte as a hot winter beverage to accompany a good book to ingenious matcha lava cakes and Christmassy coconut cookies. Authentic influencer relationships that arouse curiosity!