Ardagh: local press relations activities

/ Local press relations activities for Ardagh Glass GmbH

The situation / 

Ardagh Glass is one of the leading container glass manufacturers in Germany. It has production operations at eight locations and manufactures glass containers for various customers and products – from beer bottles to gherkin jars. At those locations Ardagh is often one of the region’s most important employers.

The task / 

To position all eight production facilities in the local press and strengthen Ardagh’s image in the regions. Employer branding was another focus because the glass industry – like many other industries – is affected by a serious shortage of skilled labour.

zeron's idea / 

To generate positive coverage about the eight glass production facilities through local press relations activities.

The implementation / 

We regularly communicate interesting news about all eight of the production facilities in news releases. The topics covered include a mix of plant-specific events such as visits from politicians, family celebrations or open days and generic topics such as the conclusion of the apprenticeship programmes every two years. But we also include social issues such as recycling and sustainability on our agenda. On suitable occasions we send out practical recycling tips and facts for the newspaper editors to publish. The local press are also interested in career portraits featuring interesting Ardagh employees. For example, zeron wrote the copy and arranged for the publication of a portrait about a female machine operator – a power woman in the male domain of a glassworks.

The result / 

Regular and positive press articles are continuously building Ardagh’s image and raising public awareness for its role as a key regional employer.