Aktionsforum Glasverpackung: press office

/ Reflecting the very best qualities of glass.

The situation / 

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung wanted to promote glass as a packaging material and to effectively communicate its advantages in the media.

The brief / 

To position glass packaging as a state-of-the-art packaging in the trade and consumer worlds, as well as to highlight the many benefits of glass.

zeron’s role / 

Full-service PR. We have been Aktionsforum’s external press office and have organised all its PR since 2008. Our work extends from topic management to media relations, from press releases to interview placement, from media partnerships to the design and implementation of surveys and studies, and from original press photos to informative press releases. We’re the first point of contact for journalists and provide fast support in crisis situations by taking care of crisis PR.

The result / 

We know our way around the world of glass better than most. That’s why our press releases – covering topics such as annual figures, survey results or other information – are widely used by the media.