TRYDAY: local PR

/ Generating new ideas and perspectives with a "try something new" day.

The situation / 

On 1 October 2019 the innovation team at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (IIDE) launched the very first TRYDAY. This is a day when companies, institutions and other organisations in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area are encouraged to try something new – from a job swap to new canteen food to a mobile phone detox. The aim is to promote innovation in the region and get people thinking outside the box.

The brief / 

To provide focussed PR for the TRYDAY and work with the local press to encourage companies in the region to support and get involved in the initiative.

zeron's idea / 

Giving TRYDAY a face: zeron secured a reliable patron in Düsseldorf's mayor, Thomas Geisel.
Using PR to promote TRYDAY: with press releases, a launch event for journalists, interview placements, case studies in the local press and a radio collaboration, zeron made sure that TRYDAY was the talk of the town in Düsseldorf and Mettmann.

The result / 

A day full of fresh ideas and inspiration, proving that innovation doesn't have to be complicated or costly and that simply looking at things differently can lead to new approaches. Plus, a large number of articles – both in print and online.