Glass recyclers' initiative: PR campaign

/ By improving recycling practices.

The situation / 

The glass industry faced the problem that too many consumers weren’t using the bottle banks properly. They were putting things in that simply didn’t belong there, which often meant that the content of entire bottle banks could not be used in the production of new glass. Not only was it a waste of raw materials, it also went against the principle of sustainability.

The brief / 

To educate consumers on how to recycle glass properly.

zeron's idea / 

A very illustrative campaign was developed with the slogan, “You can’t put everything in the bottle bank”, with images that made it immediately obvious what the campaign was all about. We developed three ad motifs with powerful images, an educational campaign website, plus an information leaflet in three languages that was distributed by the municipal waste authorities. Classic PR and press relations activities, including press releases containing glass recycling advice, made an important contribution to the campaign’s success.

The result / 

Many media covered the subject of glass recycling and the dpa regularly uses our material in its press releases, meaning that they were published numerous times – a great result. Not only that, the improvements in bottle banks use made glass recyclers very happy and the bottle banks became far more environmentally sustainable.