July 2019 / zeron public relations becomes zeron pr/content

It's just two words that are changing: From now on zeron public relations becomes zeron pr/content. Just in time for its 8th birthday in July 2019, zeron presents itself with a new logo. With a focus on PR and content.

zeron thus sets a clear sign. Even though the agency from Düsseldorf, Germany, has its roots in PR, business in the areas of content, influencer relations and social media is gaining in importance from year to year. Because everything begins with content ... whether PR, influencer relations or social media. No matter whether B2C or B2B.

In the background, PR and content specialists have long since adapted to these changes, as many cases and customers show. Instead of press topics and information, content campaigns are thought of that can be played through various channels and tools. Because "PR", as it existed a few years ago, no longer exists - or at least no longer exists in parts!

For zeron, the new logo is a milestone and an expression of continuous further development. Which certainly won't stop. 😉 A relaunch of the website is already in progress!