October 2018 / zeron organises press event with protein content

Everywhere you look people are talking about the protein trend – and the press event held at KAI 10 for our client Quäse was no exception. Since Germans don’t know as much about protein as they think, the team behind the sour milk cheese Quäse were on a mission to raise awareness, armed with the results of a representative survey and supported by the well-known sports scientist Professor Ingo Froböse.

By emphasising Quäse’s naturally high protein content and presenting useful background data, they convinced a lot of people of the benefits of this ‘fitness food’. Hamburg-based celebrity chef Kevin von Holt proved that it also tastes great, whipping up a selection of delicious Quäse-based snacks for the journalists. All in all, the event was a great success and met with widespread interest. The idea, concept and organisation were all courtesy of zeron, of course. 😉