January 2018 / zeron gets fit with Quäse

Fitness food was a blank space on the zeron agenda until recently, when our consultants won a multi-stage pitch for the Quäse PR account. Quäse is a delicious sour milk cheese with 30 percent premium protein and just 0.5 percent fat. The high protein content delivers excellent nutritional value in a health-conscious diet, and it also benefits recreational keep-fit regimes.

zeron's job is to explain to fitness enthusiasts that some proteins are more valuable than others, and how Quäse is in an entirely different dimension to traditional muscle-building foods like tuna or chicken. It’s also very filling!

zeron kicked off with a taste test and discovered that Quäse is delicious – on its own, on bread or in a salad. It also comes in a practical stick format that’s perfect for a between-meal snack. We’ll let you know how our fitness levels improve later on. 😉