January 2020 / zeron relaunches Kikkoman website

Although zeron isn’t really a web agency, content specialist Vivian Stürmann has headed the pan-European lead agency team – which has been zeron for the past 8 years – responsible for the set-up and ongoing content management of soy sauce market leader Kikkoman’s website since 2004. The Kikkoman dispenser with the red cap is instantly recognisable. It was created by Japanese designer Kenji Ekuan, has won numerous awards and is today a permanent exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York – and in the Design-Zentrum NRW in Essen, Germany.

The fourth web relaunch orchestrated by Vivian Stürmann and the zeron team went live in January 2020 in a total of 17 countries and languages – from Scandinavia to Spain and Turkey to Portugal. For a long time now the Kikkoman product range has not just included the world-famous naturally brewed soy sauce but also numerous speciality sauces such as Tamari Gluten-free Soy Sauce, the popular teriyaki sauces and the trendy ponzu and poke sauces. With the 30 or so sauces, more than 5,000 recipes and 50 videos, the website is an appetizing recommendation for both home cooking fans and gourmets looking for ideas and inspiration. Further information at www.kikkoman.eu.