March 2020 / zeron launches campaign for glass

When it comes to packaging materials, glass is a clear winner: inert, recyclable, reusable and made from natural raw materials. Aktionsforum Glasverpackung has decided to draw attention to all these benefits – with pure and simple visuals and a modern, tongue-in-cheek approach. The campaign centres around images of stripped-back glass packaging and the headlines convey its positive attributes by relating it to current topics – using humour as well as colours typically associated with glass: white, green and brown. Aktionsforum Glasverpackung has shown courage and a decisive stance with this campaign, for which zeron realised the concept, text and layout. The images will be used for newsletters, websites and social media, with roll-out to other media planned.

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung is an initiative by the glass packaging companies within the Federal Association of the German Glass Industry (BV-Glas). The campaign aims to provide comprehensive information about glass packaging, from production, characteristics and areas of use to recycling. It targets all stakeholders involved in the glass lifecycle: bottling companies, the retail trade, the waste management industry, politics and consumers. Agency director Vivian Stürmann has been supporting BV-Glas and Aktionsforum Glasverpackung as clients since 2008. As a result, the zeron team has built up a lot of specialist knowledge in this field. And the campaign is something we're proud to raise a glass to!