March 2022 / zeron is bringing ruhrfibre’s communications up to speed

Germany’s fibre roll-out is making slow progress. An international OECD comparison has revealed that, in 34th place, it is one of the worst-performing of 38 countries surveyed. metrofibre hopes that a new public-private partnership concept will inject fresh momentum into the roll-out process and has launched the ‘ruhrfibre’ project – the first of its kind in Germany – with Essen City Council as its partner.

Their ambitious objective is to connect 153,000 households in Essen to a modern fibre network by 2026.

zeron’s role is to develop and coordinate all project-related PR activities and communications – in close collaboration with the Essen City Council. There will be PR and communications activities for the local press, as well as the telecommunications press and the private equity media – from news releases to background talks and interviews. This is an incredibly exciting project for us because it is so relevant!