January 2021 / zeron helps Tele2 raise money for charity with new mobile phone tariff

Tele2 has been a loyal client of ours for 15 years now – that's longer than zeron has even existed! As Tele2's external press office, zeron is responsible for the company's entire PR, working with both the trade press and the consumer press. As 2021 kicks off, Tele2 is launching a new initiative: a mobile phone tariff that includes a monthly charitable donation at no extra cost to the customer. How does it work? For every new LTE Allnet-Flat contract that's taken out, Tele2 will donate 1 EUR per month to charities such as SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., Tafel Deutschland e.V. and the climate organisation Deutschland Forstet Auf gemeinnützige UG.


So, whether you use your phone for calls, WhatsApp, streaming music or watching YouTube videos – or even if you keep it in 'do not disturb' mode – you'll be able to do a good deed without it costing you a cent! When you subscribe to the tariff, you get to decide which charities you want Tele2 to support. And you can even choose to top up Tele2's monthly donation by EUR 1, 2 or 3. Personally, we think it's a fantastic initiative. We're proud to be doing the PR – and we'll certainly be contributing a few euros ourselves.