April 2019 / zeron goes on a leisure trip for VRR

The new FreizeitLust brochure has been on display at the VRR’s customer centres since April. zeron developed the concept, text and layout. It includes 39 great ideas for leisure activities that were researched and compiled by the zeron team for the new brochure. The excursions extend from an anniversary year Bauhaus tour to the region’s best water destinations on a hot summer day.

The zeron team thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and it also had a déjà-vu factor for agency director Vivian Stürmann, who worked at Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr for many years before her zeron days. In fact, she was involved in the development of the original FreizeitLust concept  back in the day before ‘content’ became a German language Anglicism. 😉

Welcome back VRR! It’s a pleasure to be working with you again.