February 2018 / zeron celebrates with Harald Glööckler in the Ruhr Park

Pomp and glamour in the Ruhr Park! The world's first POMPÖÖS Pop ART store opened in Bochum on 15 February, much to the delight of fans of star designer, Harald Glööckler. Glööckler’s collections are true to his design roots, featuring sumptuous art and extravagant creations, and attracting customers from throughout the state.

The POMPÖÖS works by the creative German genius were showcased at an exclusive Pre-opening Party in the Ruhr Park on 14 February. TV celebrity Sarah Knappik, reality show star Barbara Engel and actor Julian F.M. Stoeckel were among the invited guests at this special event, which was also attended by numerous local media partners. zeron handled the local press relations at the event.

It was an impressive evening in a beautiful setting that guests enjoyed for both the good conversation and the glitz & glam!