Henkell Freixenet: influencer cooperation

Genies in bottles: influencers showcase Kuemmerling, Mangaroca Batida and Söhnlein Brillant.

The situation / 

Henkell Freixenet is the world's leading producer of sparkling wine with a comprehensive portfolio of Sekt, Cava, Prosecco, Champagne and Crémant – supplemented by a diverse range of wines and spirits. It includes the well-known brands of Söhnlein Brillant, Mangaroca Batida and Kuemmerling.

The brief / 

To showcase each brand individually on the social media via influencer cooperations that closely reflected the brand spirit.

zeron’s role / 

Influencer screening, the development of a creative and authentic narrative and influencer briefing. The cooperation was to include both original product presentations and recipes, because Mangaroca Batida, Kuemmerling and the other products can be used as ingredients in fabulous bakes, recipes and cocktails!

The result / 

Influencer cooperations with an excellent brand fit, high reach and inspiring content delivered obvious added value plus the surprise factor. Henkell Freixenet demonstrated across the board how versatile its sparkling wines and spirits are - with Kuemmerling as a barbecue marinade ingredient and Mangaroca Batida de Côco as an ingredient in cakes and Christmas biscuits. And zeron got some great new content for its press relations activities ;-)